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West Way Whistle – if you’ve not received a copy of our latest paper newsletter, download a copy here.

Design Panel: Doric’s latest PR email contains misinformation about the Design Review Panel. The panel  raised a number of questions, criticisms and recommendations including questioning the size of the supermarket, and stating   “The overall architectural quality is not yet good enough for this prominent location and needs to be reassessed” Read the report on the Vale site here. Debby Hallett has also complained that the email wrongly presents her as supportive of the scheme.

The consultation is now closed but there is still more you can do:

  •  Send a letter on behalf of your road – we hope that you can send a letter to councillors signed by people from your road. We’d like to show that in every street and road in this area there are people opposed to the Doric plans.  More details on the Help Save West Way page.
  • Write to the District Councillors including the Planning Committee expressing your ideas and concerns for the area
  • Join our mailing list (see form below) to keep up-to-date on the latest developments
  • Come along to our HQ shop at 5 Elms Parade, and visit our stall at the West Way Festival on Saturday 19th July


We are still adding more resources and information to this website so check back regularly:

**NEW ** We have posted the fullWWCCC comments on the EIA plus chapater by chapter summaries on the Resources page.

Click here to read all the comments on the application on the Vale site 

Or add your comment if you’ve not done so already.

Doric’s Environmental Statement is over 400 pages long, with another 1000 pages of appendices. A good starting point is the non-technical summary (fairly easy to navigate at a mere 53 pages!), the summary is the 3rd document on the page: “NTS Vol III” –  click here to access  the page and download the document. A hard copy of Doric’s Environmental Statement and all of the appendices is available in the WWCC shop, 5 Elms Parade.


One of the new items in Doric’s Environmental Statement is a visual impact assessment. See here for a selection of photos showing views of the development from around Botley, with the current views at the same scale for comparison, and our animations showing the change in motion.

corner of West Way and Westminster Way now and as proposed

corner of West Way and Westminster Way now and as proposed


West Way before and after animation

West Way view towards Oxford now and as proposed

You can still submit comments to the application in general as well as the EIA.  You can click the orange Comments button on the on-line form on the Vale’s web-site or write to the Planning Department, either by post, or by email to planning@whitehorsedec.gov.uk

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who submitted their comments so far on the West Way plans – more than 800 comments were submitted! As well as the hundreds of local residents, organizational objections have been submitted by Cumnor Parish Council, North Hinksey Parish Council, St Peter & St Paul Church, the Oxford Diocese, Oxford City Council, Oxford Preservation Trust, Sovereign Housing, Nicola Blackwood MP and West Way Community Concern.   Read West Way Community Concern’s objection and supporting documents on our Resources page.

Download our new poster here.

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Thank you to everyone who came to the Public Meeting on Feb 27th. The following resources have now been added to the Resources page:

  • The Character Assessment of Botley, with a form to send in your feedback
  • A template letter to use and adapt for your objections
  • Presentations from the meeting

Also, if you are wondering what the alternatives might be, take a look at an alternative vision for the future of Botley, how it might be if we had a different plan for development – read the Botley 2020 article.

Q. Have the plans changed since Doric’s last exhibition?
A. Not much. There have been some design improvements, and some changes to the list of proposed features. However, the fundamental concerns over scale, character and impact on our community and environment have not been addressed.

Q. What happens now?
A. A consultation period will now begin, the final date for comments and objections is Thurs March 27th.

Q. How do I object?
A. We have begun a a guide on ‘how to object’ and will be adding to it with expert advice from consultants on planning, urban design, heritage, transport and other issues. We will provide you will some examples of material planning grounds for objections that you might want to include, depending on what you are concerned about (e.g. privacy, light, noise, parking, environment, etc.)

Q: Does West Way Community Concern want to see the shops developed?
A: Yes, we absolutely do. Like 93% of people who responded to our survey in April 2013, we think it’s time for some major improvements to our local shopping area. The 1960s buildings have not been maintained well over the years, and many people find them dull or gloomy in design. However like our survey respondents we take a moderate view on development: 70% wanted development that maintained some aspects of the current shopping experience, while only 23% conveyed a desire for full-scale demolition and redevelopment (the Doric option). These results were collected in April 2013, when Doric’s plans were still at concept stage, and from the substantial feedback that we have received from the community since September we think that even fewer people now actively support Doric’s proposals.

Q: Where can I find out more about all this?
A: Pop in to our HQ at 5 Elms Parade, next to the Post Office, to see the full sized plans. Come to our Public Meeting at St. Peter & St. Paul Church, 7pm on Thurs 27th February to hear more about the grounds for planning from experts in the various fields, find out what aspects WWCC will be objecting and get advice and help on putting in your own objection. Visit the How to Object page where we will be adding more resources over the next few weeks. Read our leaflet which is being delivered door to door in the local area, you can also download the leaflet here. Display our new poster, pick one up from the shop or download and print here. Take a look at our Resources page, we’ve just added the Elms Parade Heritage Statement and will be adding the Botley Character Assessment Report very soon.

Q: What else will WWCC be doing?

  • Obtain expert advice from planning consultants on what are the strongest grounds for objection to the scheme (we expect there will be several; these plans represent a dramatic change for the area and run counter to various established planning principles).
  • Draw up and submit a detailed set of planning objections based on expert advice
  • Create a summary of the plans, with the help of volunteer expertise, so that the community can see exactly what is being proposed.
  • Hold a public meeting: Thurs Feb 27th, 7pm at St Peter & St Paul Church
  • Continue to consult with Vale District Council at regular meetings, to ensure that the community’s voice (as expressed through the petition and through responses to consultation exercises) is heard.
  • Consult with Nicola Blackwood, MP
  • Lobby councillors

Q. What can I do?
A. Make a planning objection. The more objections are received, on clear planning grounds, the greater our chances of getting these plans thrown out or scaled back to an appropriate size. See our guide for how to do it.
Also please continue to write to local councillors, local press, and Nicola Blackwood MP.





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