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The West Way Blog is a platform for individuals to share their personal views, concerns and suggestions on the future of Botley’s development. None of the views express the official opinion or judgement of the WWCC committee unless explicitly stated. We welcome a wide range of views and comments, which must be respectful and civil in tone. We have published a number of blog posts during consultation with more to follow:

  • Feb 24th: Game on and plenty to play for by Chris Church
  • Mar 8th: Building a sustainable centre by Ruth Mayne
  • Mar 13th: Are Mace’s proposals for student housing right for Botley? by Hilary Priestley
  • Mar 16th: Will West Way pass the cycling proficiency test? by Peter Lister
  • Mar 20th: Sustainability is also about permanent affordability …  here’s why by Fran Ryan
  • Mar 25th: West Way Redevelopment: the scales have fallen from my eyes by John Grimshaw
  • Apr 5th: New shops for old? by Stephen Parkinson
  • Apr 7th: West Way needs public spaces that are uplifting and beautiful (not dark windswept and uninspiring) by Jon Rowland
  • Apr 11th: A development for the next 30, 40 or 50 years by Philip Stevens
  • Apr 13th: ‘Better than Doric’ misses the point: character counts by Caroline Potter




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