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Vale and Mace consultations

Documents and updates relating to the consultation processes being undertaken by Mace and the Vale

For documents relating to the Supplementary Planning Document, click here for the Vale’s SPD web page; here for the Vale’s Local Plan page. See also our Resources page, which contains links to relevant Vale documents and information prepared by WWCC.

The Vale will be holding their consultations at Unit 24, West Way Shopping Centre, Chapel Way (adjacent to Cooperative Travel), Botley on the following dates:

  • 3 September, 6.30pm – 8.30pm
  • 5 September, 10.00am – Midday.

For more information and documents on the SPD, click here

For information on Mace’s consultation, click here

Vale consultation

The Vale of White Horse District Council are undertaking a separate consultation process, and have commissioned BDP – an international practice of architects, designers, engineers and urbanists – to prepare a Development Brief, which should define what is needed for the West Way centre. The Vale have since decided to make this a Supplementary Planning Document (see below).
WWCC wrote to Matthew Barber (leader of the Council) on 19th March; read the letter here. Mace had written to the Vale giving assurances that they did not intend to include Elms Parade, Field House or the Vicarage in their development; read the letter here.
BDP held their first stakeholder meeting on 4th June, and the second on 28th July to which representatives of WWCC and local elected councillors were invited. This first meeting raised some doubts about the process, and WWCC wrote to the planning officer setting out these concerns, read the letter here.
Following the meeting on 28th July WWCC wrote again to the Vale to ask for clarification and for scenarios arising from our survey results to be taken  into account. You can read our letter here. The Vale’ response is here.
The Vale’s website on the Supplementation Planning Document can be accessed through the short link www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/botleyspd or via the planning policy website which has a link to the Vale’s supplementary planning documents.

Vale consultation for the Supplementary Planning Document

The Vale have told us that, ‘following a meeting with the Cabinet Member for Planning Policy, it was agreed to amend the start and end dates of the consultation period. The revised period of five weeks will run from 21st August to 25th September to allow the majority of the consultation to take place outside of the summer holiday period.’

The SPD will contain planning guidance to assist the redevelopment and improvement of the area, and sets out the type (e.g. shops, offices, houses, public open space etc) and scale of new development that could be appropriate for the location.

The Vale will be asking local residents what they think the priorities are for the development of Botley shopping area which will be considered as part of the SPD.

The Vale’s website on the Supplementation Planning Document can be accessed through the short link www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/botleyspd or via the planning policy website which has a link to the Vale’s supplementary planning documents. The page will be updated with further details (consultation documents, events, etc) in due course.

The SPD will be adopted (subject to scrutiny) October / November 2015

(See also Vale District Council update (1st July)  )

Vale notice of the SPD – 1st July 2015

Extract: “Vale of White Horse District Council is drawing up a planning document known as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the shopping area of Botley, and will be asking the local community for its views and to contribute. … Consultation will start towards the end of July. As this will extend over the summer holidays the consultation will be for a longer period than normal .”

Read full notice on the Vale website.

Notice issued by Adrian Duffied, Head of Planning – 22nd June  2015

‘With reference to the recent work undertaken on the Botley central area development brief, following discussion with the cabinet member for planning policy, Mike Murray, we have agreed instead to undertake a supplementary planning document (SPD).  The work undertaken to date will be very helpful background information and evidence to a SPD.  A SPD sits under the adopted local plan saved policy and covers the central area of Botley.

Undertaking a SPD, once adopted, will mean it has material weight in the determination of planning applications by the planning authority. I see this as having value in our planning processes.

We have yet to agree a timescale for the production of a SPD, including formal public consultation.  The policy team are working on this and I hope we can outline key mile-stones next week, however work is now underway towards achieving a SPD.’

Read more here: Vale and Mace consultation processes


Minutes of first Community Liaison Group meeting, 2nd June 2015

Minutes of Mace and Vale Pre-consultation meeting 14th May 2015

Draft brief for preparation of Development Brief by BDP on behalf of Vale DC

Vale of White Horse DC Retail and Town Centre Study Addendum (October 2014) to Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners report

VoWHDC and South Oxfordshire Joint Hotel Needs Assesment (July 2014)