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page updated 16th May 2018

See also Mace’s site: westwayconsultation.co.uk

Mace’s third construction newsletter, May 2018

Mace’s first construction newsletter, March 2018

Contact for Savills property management company, responsible for the shopping centre: Lucy Newbigging: email lucy.newbigging@savills.com, tel 01865 269 061

Contacts for SP Broadway, Mace’s community liaison company; Dan Brown tel 020 3405 3460, email dan@spbroadway.com

Information and notes from the Community Liaison Group are available here

Mace’s update, Autumn 2017

Questions and answers

More problems with the West Way bins (16th March 2018)

I’ve had a report that the bins are “even worse today”. Please can you ensure they are emptied before the weekend and let us know the new rota for bin emptying? Could it be you need more bins? The ones you have are smaller than the old ones which separated rubbish and recycling. While these may be only for 3 or 4 months it is a busy area and the bins are used a lot and it is important the centre is kept clean and tidy.

Response from Mace: The bins were meant to be cleaned yesterday. For future contact regarding bins please email our Management team. lucy.newbigging@savills.com

Update on West Way bins (27th Feb 2018) We chased up Mace today on the continued lack of bins in the shopping centre. We have been told that new/ replacement bins have been ordered and are due to be installed this week. They also said that a clean-up of the site was carried out last Friday, and further regular visits (inc bin emptying) are being arranged by the contractor and overseen by Savills property management team. We are trying to get details of exactly when the bins will be in place.

Please continue to report any concerns so we can chase up and also contact David McFarlane as advised in Mace’s consultation website: david@spbroadway.com or 0203 405 1400

Question to Mace; 5 January 2018: Could you clarify my reading of the drawings: There is no step-free access from the upper deck of the car-park to the ground level (other than via the car entrance), just the lift. What is the gradient on the ramp between block C and D?

Mace response (15th Jan)The gradient of the ramp between Blocks C&D is 1:23. That means, as per Government building regulations, that this is not a ‘ramp’ but rather more of a ‘slope’ – a ramp is 1:20 or steeper.

Question to Mace; 1 January 2018: Could you please send me the details of  where the disabled parking will be and what has chaged from the previous plans?

Mace response (4th Jan): The following images some images highlight the location of disabled parking spaces for both the temporary relocations and permanent scheme. Permanent scheme, lower deck car park (8 spaces); Permanent scheme, upper deck car park (2 spaces); temporary relocations car park (4 spaces).

Responses received (15th December) to questions asked (21st November) on Communications, timing, trees, Sobbell House, deliveries.

Question to Mace: Could you confirm whether the trees which have preservation orders are to remain? I understand that all the mature and semi-mature trees have TPOs in place.

Response from Mace (15th Dec 17)

A small number of trees will be removed to allow the creation of a temporary retail area, as detailed in the original application. At a later date, once the parties who have been temporarily relocated have moved across to their permanent premises in the new scheme, the remaining trees in this area (which have also been approved to be removed under the main planning consent) will be removed.

Question to Mace: Who is going to be responsible for the security of the Lloyds Pharmacy portakabin?

Response from Mace (24th Oct 17):

“Mace take security very seriously, and site security will be covered in the Construction Management Plan.

Specifically with regard to the Lloyds Pharmacy portacabin, the security of this will be the responsibility of Lloyds. They are experienced in working with portacabins, and own several as part of their obligations to the NHS. It is also worth noting that modern portacabins are secure (no more prone to a break-in than a conventional building), and in addition to the protocols Lloyds will have in place, the portacabin at West Way is on the main road and will benefit from natural surveillance.”

Question to Mace: As you are now preparing your construction management plans for the temporary use conversions and for the full development, would you wish to discuss them with members of the community prior to submitting them to the Vale? Safety of the public is essential, as the discussion at the planning committee confirmed, and local input is important to ensure that all risks are properly identified, and the best option selected.

Response from Mace (13th Oct 17):

“Mace are totally committed to Health and Safety as is our contractor SDC, rest assured we will be ensuring that the works are carried out in a very safe manner. I will have a chat to David McFarlane at SP Broadway and we will have  a think about the best way to communicate the construction logistics and come back to you. It may be we hold a small exhibition before we start but I suspect timescales will dictate that this will have to be in parallel with any planning submission.”

Questions about planning application and responses (25 Sept 17), click here

Planning application P17/V1507/FUL

This application includes: Temporary change of use of Elms Court and Grant Thornton building, to house retail units, community hall and Baptist Church. Demolition of Seacourt Hall and part of Grant Thornton building, including public toilets; relocation of Chapel Way; new access from West Way to Chapel Way, for deliveries to new retail units.

First Amendments to the application

Documents for the first amendments: agent’s letter, design and access statement , proposed access routes diagram

Comments from West Way Community Concern on the application, click here

Councillor Hallett now feels that all of the reasons for calling in this application have been satisfactorily addressed by Mace (et al). See more detail in Councillor Hallett’s blog.

Councillor Debby Hallett called in the application, which would have meant it would go to planning committee. Councillor Hallett gave a number of reasons why she wished the application to be considered by planning committee, rather than simply by planning officers, and has been in discussion with Mace about each of these reasons. You can see Mace’s written responses to these reasons on the Vale website, here.

Second Amendments to the application

Mace submitted further amendments to their plans, to attempt to address the objections of Oxfordshire County Council. Consultation on these amendments is now closed. The application is expected to go to Planning Committee on 4th October.

Planning reference is P17/V1507/FUL and you can see it, and all the comments from residents and consultees on the Vale’s website.

See the agent’s letter for a summary of the new submission. The design and access statement and the proposed access routes diagram provide an overview. See also Transport Statement.

Mace’s public exhibition

Mace held an update on the West Way redevelopment of the West Way area of Botley, at St Peter and St Paul Church Hall, on Tuesday 13 June 2017, to explain the phasing programme, and to update residents on the progress of the redevelopment. See information boards from the exhibition here.

Community Liaison Group meeting on 10th April

On Monday 10th April Mace held a Community Liaison Group (CLG) meeting in St. Peter & St. Paul Church with about 30 representatives from local community groups.

Mace’s proposed changes to the phasing plan – see Mace’s information sheet, plans and draft minutes here. Read our latest update from the meeting in the latest WWCC newsletter  (April 17th)


Mace will continue to update the community as the works progress. Residents with queries can contact Matt Browne at matt@spbroadway.com or 0203 405 3460.

WWCC are involved in Mace’s Community Liaison Group, which met on 30th November 2016 and 10th April 2017. This group includes our elected representatives (District, County, Parish) and reps from community groups and organisations such as WWCC, the Churches, schools, youth club, Brookes etc.

Mace’s Planning Application

Mace submitted their planning application to the Vale on Friday 29th January. See their announcement here.

As soon as the Vale Planning Officers have confirmed that the application documentation is complete, a 5 week consultation period will commence.

Once consultation opens, we hope you will take time to examine the plans and make your comments.

WWCC will have copies of the documentation available for viewing in our shop at 5 Elms Parade, where we will give guidance on the documentation and provide advice and information for those who wish to comment. We will hold a public meeting, to discuss the plans, hear your views and provide advice on how to comment.

Notification of the planning application appeared in the Oxford Times on Thursday 28th January. This notice is required under Article 13 of Application for Planning Permission, and is for any owners of land tenants within the development area who wish to make representations, who will have 21 days to write to the council.

Community Liaison Group

Mace and SPBroadway held a Community Liaison Group meeting on 26th January, attended by WWCC, local parish and district councillors, and representatives of Botley Primary School, the Howse family, Sovereign and the Baptist Church. See the full minutes here.

SPBroadway reported that the most comments received had been on the subjects of building heights, community space, removal of the cinema, students and car parking. Mace say that they have made no change to the scheme in respect of building heights or student numbers following the public consultation.

Mace’s traffic consultant, Origin Transport, talked about the traffic analysis which they had completed, parking arrangements and possible improvements to the crossings and lights at Westminster Way junction.

We will continue to lobby on areas such as the student accommodation. We plan to engage with the business community – shops, restaurants, other businesses in and around the centre – to help represent their needs. When the application is submitted we will ensure local people have all the details they need to make informed decisions and to represent any concerns that the community want to raise.  

Mace’s Public Exhibitions – Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th December

Many of you attended Mace’s exhibition on December 7th and 8th and we gathered feedback from people as they left the event, via email and at our mince pie and chat session on the following Saturday at the WWCC shop. The data we collected is being written up and will be made available on our website shortly. Our initial impression is that many of you thought the ideas presented were a lot better than the Doric plans and there are aspects you like, but you still have reservations, particularly about heights and whether there is sufficient parking for residents and visitors. We will provide a summary of the feedback to the community, Mace and Councillors.

We asked Mace to make the feedback they collected available publicly but currently that is not their intention. The usual practice is to provide a summary as part of the application. We will continue to request the full feedback be made available and as soon as possible.

If you were unable to attend the exhibition, the presentation is available here, and in the WWCC shop at 5 Elms Parade.

See also Mace’s site: westwayconsultation.co.uk

Comments on the Mace Exhibition in December 2015

See here for West Way Community Concern’s WWCC’s on the comments which we received following Mace’s public exhibition, in December.  Mace have completed their own feedback report, which can be found in their ‘Statement of Community Involvement’ which you can view in our shop on Elms Parade.

WWCC initial reaction to the Mace exhibition:

Mace’s exhibition has shown that the plans for West Way are moving in a positive direction. Following the unanimous rejection of Doric’s demolition plans a year ago, Mace said they did not intend to demolish Elms Parade, the vicarage and Field House, and we are pleased to see this now confirmed. We welcome the inclusion of more general housing and the removal of a multiplex cinema, in line with residents’ views but, with the crisis in key worker accommodation in Oxford, we would like to see more homes for local people prioritised over student accommodation. 

Serious concerns remain about the overall scale of development, particularly building heights of up to 8 storeys.  We are also unconvinced that the amount of parking provided is sufficient for the large numbers of new visitors and residents.  

We have yet to see details such as elevations and measurements so until the application is submitted in January we will not have a full picture. We are continuing to gather feedback from local people and will summarise what we hear after the weekend and communicate the feedback we receive to Mace. 

See the Oxford Mail article on the exhibition from Weds 9th Dec. Read more media coverage about the development on our newsroom page.

Oxford Mail, 21st November
The developer behind the new West Way shopping centre will rethink plans for a multi-screen cinema and could build more family housing following meetings with residents. Mace will present a public exhibition of its revised proposals early next month.

Read more here

Recent background:

Mace’s consultation process, which is to led by the communications consultancy, SP Broadway,
will involve a number of workshops and public events, and a Community Liaison Group has
been established, to engage with stakeholders during this process.

Community Workshops

Mace held a number of Community Workshops during October.

These workshops included different groups, representative of the whole Botley community (read more here) to feed into the emerging proposals. Reports of these workshops are available on the Mace website events page (under documents downloads, October Community Workshops).

Mace will be holding a meeting of the Community Liaison Group after the workshops to update members about the feedback received.

It is important to note that further public consultation will be taking place later in the autumn.

Community Liaison Group

Mace’s Community Liaison Group met on Thursday 16th July. WWCC was represented by our 3 co-chairs; Caroline, Chris, and Lorna. Minutes of this meeting are available here. Mace’s consultation and participation schedule is here.

The first meeting of this group was on Tuesday 2nd June. Minutes from this meeting are here.

Mace public meeting – 27th June 2015

Mace held a meeting at Matthew Arnold School on Saturday 27th June. They introduced their team, which consists of SP Broadway (PR consultants running consultation), Make (architects) and Savills (planning consultants).

Mace now have a web-site; westwayconsultation.co.uk, and are able to take questions by email to david@spbroadway.com. The minutes from meetings and presentations are available from this new website under ‘EVENTS‘.