West Way Community Concern

Letter writing – contacts


If you have concerns or specific questions, you may want to write to the Leader of the Vale District Council, your Parish Councillors, District Councillors, MP or Mace to express your concerns.

Who to write to:

Nicola Blackwood, MP:
House of Commons, Westminster, London SW1A 0AA
Tel: 0207 219 7126
Email: nicola.blackwood.mp@parliament.uk

Vale District Council Leader:

Cllr Matthew Barber (Cons) Leader, Finance: Matthew.Barber@whitehorsedc.gov.uk

North Hinksey, Appleton & Cumnor District Councillors:
Cllr Debby Hallett (Lib Dem) North Hinksey: cllr.debby.hallett@gmail.com
Cllr Emily Smith (Lib Dem)North Hinksey: emily.smith@whitehorsedc.gov.uk
Cllr Dudley Hoddinott (Lib Dem) Appleton & Cumnor: dudley.hoddinott@whitehorsedc.gov.uk
Cllr Judy Roberts (Lib Dem) Appleton & Cumnor: judy.roberts@whitehorsedc.gov.uk

County Councillor:
Cllr Janet Godden (Lib Dem) Oxfordshire County Council: Janet.Godden@oxfordshire.gov.uk

North Hinksey Parish Council:
Chair: David Kay:cllrdavidkay@hotmail.com
Pauline Allen:cllrpallen@yahoo.com
Lorna BerrettLberrett.nhpc@gmail.com
Judith Bolderjudiboldernhpc@gmail.com
Voirrey Carr:cllrvoirreycarr@virginmedia.com
Chris Church: chrischurch@cooptel.net
Ann Dykes:Anndykes1@outlook.com
Adam Hardiman:adam.v.hardiman@gmail.com
Louise Kunzemannlisik58@yahoo.co.uk
Ag Mackeith:cllr.mackeith@yahoo.com
Ruth Maynecllr.ruthmayne@outlook.com
Caroline Potter Cllr.caroline.potter@gmail.com
Andrew Pritchard 3andrew3@tiscali.co.uk

Cumnor Parish Council
Contact details on the website

Huw Griffiths: Huw.Griffiths@macedevelopments.com

SP Broadway, PR agent for Mace:
Matt Browne: matt@spbroadway.com
David Macfarlane: david@spbroadway.com