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Page updated 28th April 2018

Local news coverage of the West Way development issues:



23rd May: Oxford Times: AT LAST – diggers on site as West Way developers spring into action


28th April: Oxford Mail: Developer backs down over Botley’s West Way development amid public pressure

19th April: Oxford Mail: West Way shopping centre art project is ‘too little too late’, say Botley community groups

12th April: Oxford Mail: West Way vandal caught on camera says site owner

10th April: Oxford Mail: Developers plead for Botley graffiti to stop as ‘community art’ project begins at West Way

10th April: Oxford Mail: Decision on West Way Puffin Crossing likely to be signed off tomorrow

6th April: Oxford Mail: School calls for more action over hazardous crossing in Botley

2nd April: Oxford Mail: Graffiti takes aim at poor state of West Way shops


27th March: Oxford Mail: Work begins on West Way development but residents angered by tree felling 

18th March: Oxford Mail: Work for temporary units along West Way begins

7th March: Oxford Mail: New graffiti protesting development sprayed onto boarding at West Way shopping centre in Botley


Archaeologists to monitor West Way site after possible medieval farm found near by

IT WAS ME: Botley vandal speaks out over graffiti campaign against council

5th February: Oxford Mail: Lower price for West Way sale ‘only benefits developer’, campaigners claim


New West Way will have ‘angular aesthetic’ plans reveal

16th January: Oxford Mail: West Way shops graffitied again as frustration mounts over delays


27th November: Oxford Mail: West Way: Supermarkets to move in to temporary homes but Iceland will close

6th October: Oxford Mail : Campaigners delighted with promise not to compromise cyclists’ safety

14th August: Oxford Mail: Frustration mounts as £100m shopping centre development hit with fresh delays

9th May: Oxford Mail: Vandals deface parade of shops in protest against redevelopment of West Way Shopping Centre

7th April: Oxford Mail: Community mourns loss of shops at Botley’s West Way shopping centre as bulldozers prepare to roll

6th April: Oxford Guardian: Campaigners call for clarity over shopping centre plans

4th April: Oxford Mail:  Much-loved independents and supermarket bow out of West Way Shopping Centre as bulldozers move in this summer  Broken promises, supermarket and shops forced to close

18th Feb: Oxford Mail: Residents hope to pop some life back into West Way Shopping Centre


21st July: Oxford Mail: Campaigners celebrate affordable housing funding decision for Botley

16th June: Oxford Mail: New face of Botley finally approved by planning committee last night

16th May: Oxford Mail: West Way changes a ‘victory for people power’ but not enough

9th April: Oxford Mail: Coverage of ‘Fight the Height’, 9th April

8th April: Oxford Mail: Protestors tip their tall hats to ‘Fight the Height’ West Way campaign

5th April: Oxford Mail: Residents concerned over height of West Way buildings

March 2016:

7th March: Oxford Mail: Botley residents given platform to have their say on West Way development

Cumnor Parish News, March 2016: Editor’s corner; Letter to editor; WWCC update; Some comments on Mace’s plans

February 2016:


15th Feb: Oxford Mail : Members of the community give mixed reactions to new plans for Botley’s West Way Shopping Centre revamp

13th Feb: Oxford Mail: Developers Mace hoping to succeed where Doric failed with new plans for West Way Shopping Centre revamp

Oxfordshire Guardian: 3rd Feb: New designs for Botley’s West Way labelled ‘a huge improvement’

Cumnor Parish News, February 2016

Radio coverage  BBC Radio Oxford Wed 4th Feb : listen here, from 51:30 minutes.

January 2016:

Announcement 28th Jan: Oxford Times: Notification that Mace have submitted their planning application (Notice under Article 13 for owners of land and long term tenants)

Article 28th Jan, Oxford Mail: West Way Community Concern group and developer Mace meet to discuss plans for £100m development


19th Jan: Oxford Mail: We’re being shut out so the council can get its own way


20th Jan: Oxfordshire Guardian: Council ‘could be sued’ as Botley plan is adopted by council

19th Jan: Oxford Mail: Elms Parade and Field House now vulnerable at West Way site after controversial plans approved

18th Jan: Oxford Mail: Controversial SPD for Botley Centre gets Vale of White Horse approval

16th Jan: Oxford Mail: Controversial West Way plan likely to be approved as residents question legality of council policy document

14th Jan: Oxford Mail: Campaigner Dr Mary Gill claims blueprints for West Way revamp ‘reveals conflict of interest for council’

December 2015:


17th Dec: Big responsibility for the council decision-makers

16th Dec: West Way plans must be judged on their merits


9th Dec: Oxford Mail: Latest West Way development plans are a step in right direction say residents

7th Dec: Oxford Mail: New plans for Botley’s West Way shopping centre revealed no cinema and 273 student rooms

November 2015:


21st Nov: Oxford Mail: Family housing may replace cinema bid in rethink at West Way shopping centre

12th Nov: Oxford Mail: FOI: Woman forced her council to spill secrets of West Way plan

2nd Nov: Oxford Mail: Student accommodation in Oxpens – Plans drawn up for 500 students in Oxpens revamp

Cumnor Parish News : Mace start consultations; Scrutiny Committee considers SPD; Editorial  (Note: Cabinet on 30th Oct defered decision about adopting SPD)

October 2015:


31st Oct: Oxford Mail: Residents fear traffic congestion as loss of last petrol station spurs hunt for fuel

31st Oct: Oxford Mail: West Way plan is halted after activists threaten legal action  (I’d prefer us to be called ‘concerned residents’ rather than ‘activists’ – Mary)

27th Oct: Oxford Mail: Too many old people had say on West Way,’ council alleges

27th Oct: Oxford Mail: Planners set to back plans for shops and restaurant on Seacourt petrol station site

23rd Oct: Oxford Times: Councillors discuss future of West Way

13th Oct: Oxford Mail: 300 have their say on West Way document

Cumnor Parish News :  After the SPD – what next; Evidence Base for Botley SPD released; Editor’s corner


29th Oct: Oxford Mail: Officials are the minority, not so-called older people

28th Oct: Oxford Mail: We should encourage older people to voice their views

22nd Oct: Oxford Times: Are our views valued?

18th Oct: Oxford Mail: Waitrose store only adds to the pressure on Elms Parade

September 2015:


30th Sept: Oxford Mail: Major development essential for viable West Way revamp

22nd Sept: Oxford Mail: Illegal rave blamed on slow progress of redevelopment

5th Sept: Oxford Mail: Anger as West Way blueprint puts parade’s future in doubt

4th Sept: Oxford Mail: West Way redevelopment should cater for teens in community hub, firms told

Private Eye Rotton Boroughs: Cayman Crocodiles


24th Sept: Oxford Mail Vale is taking no notice of resident’s pleas – letter by County Councillor Janet Godden. (Clarification – the Vale state that the comments of ‘stakeholders and statutory consultees’ will be taken into account when revising the draft. The Vale confirm that local residents are stakeholders, and we expect our responses to be taken into account.)

August 2015:


25th August: Oxford Mail: West Way masterplan looks like Doric all over again

18th August: Oxford Mail: Seacourt development: Decision on retail park put back after more objections flood in

15th August: Oxford Mail: Chance to have say on West Way shopping centre


28th August: Oxford Mail: Pretty planning document looks just like a wolf in sheep’s clothing

13th August: Oxford Times: Developers should work with us not treat us like an impediment

July 2015:


30th July: Oxford Mail: Freedom of Information:

28th July: Oxford Mail: Oxpens Esso and Seacourt BP petrol stations set to close ahead of redevelopments

27th July: Oxford Mail: Public set to see latest West Way plans in autumn

21st July: Oxford Mail: Consultations due on West Way shopping centre

13th July: Oxford Mail: MP welcomes fresh approach over West Way redevelopment

Nicolablackwood.com: Nicola Blackwood speaks up for Botley at West Way Presentation

July Cumnor Parish News: West Way Community Concern update; Letter; Comment on Freedom of Information


31st July: Oxford Mail: Supplementary Planning Document: Botley shops: This new scheme seems so depressingly familiar

22nd July: Oxford Mail: NICOLA Blackwood has got it the wrong way round.

June 2015:


24th June: Oxford Mail: Scaled-down West Way shopping centre plans to be put out to consultation

23rd June: Oxford Mail: Vision for West Way Shopping Centre is presented

22nd June: Oxford Mail: AUTHOR Philip Pullman has told the people of Botley to be ready to rejoin the fight for the future of West Way shopping centre

20th June: Oxford Times: Author Philip Pullman opens third West Way festival in Botley

16th June: Oxford Mail: Seacourt Retail Park planning application – Demolition of Botley petrol station is struck by an 11th-hour hurdle

12 June: Oxford Mail: Seacourt Retail Park planning application – Ruling over loss of Botley petrol station due in August

9th June: Oxford Times: History Exhibition – Celebrating the family at the heart of Botley

6th June: Oxford Mail: 1,400 have their say on how West Way shops should be redeveloped

May 2015:


13th May, Oxford Mail: The developer contracted to the West Way redevelopment in Oxford has begun a consultation process for a new set of plans

April 2015:


Cumnor Parish News; WWCC update in Cumnor Parish News April 2015;

Cumnor Parish News editorial, April 2015

March 2015:


13th March, Oxford Mail: Appeal withdrawn over rejection of £100m West Way redevelopment in Botley

13th March, Vale of White Horse DC news: New West Way scheme for Botley as appeal is withdrawn

February 2015:


28th Feb, Oxford Mail: Looking for some fresh ideas to redevelop West Way shops

17th Feb, Oxford Mail: Residents share their views on I Love Botley day, also in The Herald

11th Feb, Oxford Mail: £50,000 to refurbish West Way

6th Feb, Oxford Mail: Rundown West Way centre will get clean-up funding

January 2015:


30th Jan, Oxford Mail: West Way campaigners need £15,000 for legal fight

19th Jan, Oxford Mail: Future of Botley up for discussion at public meeting

13th Jan, Oxford Mail: Leaders let down residents with long awaited answers

12th Jan, Oxford Mail: Has Vale done a deal that obliges it to ignore wishes ofcouncillors

9th Jan, Oxford Mail: Council considers fixing parish hall after West Way plan folds

3rd Jan, Oxford Mail: More time given for West Way response


12th Jan, Oxford Mail: Has Vale done a deal that obliges it to ignore wishes of councillors?

9th Jan, Oxford Mail: Council considers fixing parish hall after West Way plan folds

8th Jan, Oxford Mail: Questions over Botley development unanswered at full Vale of White Horse District Council meeting 

December 2014: 


30th Dec, Oxford Mail: Deadline looms on 100m Botley plans

19th Dec, Oxford Mail: There  is little time to fight Doric appeal claim campaigners against West Way development in Botley

18th Dec, Oxford Mail: Doric launches appeal against decision to reject £100m redevelopment of West Way in  Botley

18th Dec, Oxford Mail: Notice of Doric’s appeal

12th December: The whole tooth: victory for the campaigners

5th December, Oxford Mail: No place for developer in a proper debate on West Way

4th Dec, Oxford Mail: Delight as West Way plan in Botley is thrown out but disappointed Doric reviewing what happens now

3rd Dec, Oxford Mail: Live Blog coverage of the Planning Meeting as it happened

3rd Dec, Oxford Mail: Doric pledges to replace homes in Botley as planners prepare to consider scheme

3rd Dec, Oxford Mail: Hundreds expected to be at meeting to decide West Way development fate

2nd Dec, Oxford Mail: Decision time over radical revamp for Botley’s shopping centre 

December, Cumnor Parish News: A Pantomime on West Way


11th Dec, Oxford Mail: Community have a clear idea of what they need

11th Dec, Oxford Mail: National policy may well come back to bite Botley via an appeal


November 2014:



29th Dec, Oxford Mail: West Way campaigners disappointed by approval call

27th Nov, Oxford Mail: Planning officer backs West Way revamp scheme

26th Nov, Oxford  Mail: Westgate Shopping Centre’s 400m expansion approved by city councillors [this is the Oxford Westgate centre including 5 screen cinema]

25th Nov, Oxford Mail: Author adds voice to West Way worries as final plans are tabled

23rd Nov, Oxford Mail: Tearing down the old to make way for a new store [About Waitrose on Botley Road]

18 Nov, Oxford Mail: Doric reveals chains signing up to new West Way centre

15th Nov, Oxford Mail: Developer’s underpass plan a “warm welcoming” mural

11 Nov, Oxford Mail: Encouraged spirits over wording of draft local plan were short lived

7th Nov, Oxford Mail: Residents can take away information they need

4th Nov, Oxford Mail: West Way: Doric amends project as parish protests at first floor access

4th Nov, Oxford Mail: Cyclists hopeful 1.5m track open in a year



28th Nov, Oxford Mail: Concerns over increase in traffic to a busy area

26th Nov, Oxford Mail: It will be interesting to see how it all turns out

21 Nov, Oxford Maill: Words of wisdom

14th Nov, Oxford Mail: The real bullies in this matter lurk elsewhere

13th Nov, Oxford Mail: It needs to be as easy as possible to attend

10th Nov, Oxford Mail: West Way scheme is very much political

7th Nov, Oxford Mail: No silent support

7th Nov, Oxford Mail: Use Witney as model for Botley

5th Nov, Oxford Mail: Majority didn’t support shopping centre scheme

5th Nov, Oxford Mail: “Bullied” community is speaking up for itself over these proposal

4th Nov, Oxford Mail: Authorities need to be bullied into seeing sense on this matter

3rd Nov, Oxford Mail: Twin scenarios


October 2014:


31st Oct, Oxford Mail: £10m community cash for West Way upgrade

15th Oct, Oxford Mail: A thousand objections to West Way redevelopment

13th October,Oxford Mail: Hundreds of balloon campaigners form human chain to burst Doric’s Botley dreams

9th October, Oxford Times: Prime site for a Ben & Jerry’s?

6th Oct, Oxford Mail: Council forced to reveal details of development


31st Oct, Oxford Mail: Minister speaks up over bullying by opposition to the West Way scheme

16th October, Oxford Mail: Surely numbers cannot  represent community?

15th October, Oxford Mail: Why all the secrecy over deal with Doric?

7th October, Oxford Mail: Botley development fails to look after people who are less mobile

2nd October, Oxford Mail: This prejudges an issue that is still not settled


September 2014:


10th Sept, Oxford Mail & Times:  West Way protesters say plan changes are cobbled together

12th Sept, Oxford Mail: How West Way could change if revised scheme approved

12th Sept, Oxford Mail: How communities keep growing and growing


11th Sept, Oxford Times: All Change?

August 2014:


20th Aug, Oxford Mail: West Way decision face further delay


27th August, Oxford Mail: It won’t do any good to tinker with this scheme


July 2014:


21st July, Oxford Mail: It’s double the delight for West Way Festival

15th July, Oxford Mail: Walk through video gives a hi tech view of centre plans

7th July, Oxford Mail: Both sides in West Way development row claim report’s backing

1st July, Oxford Mail: Panel backs West Way


3rd July, Oxford Mail: Panel does not back Doric’s West Way plan

June 2014:

Articles / Interviews

26th June, Oxford Mail: New West Way development would be visually intrusive on Green Belt

25th June, Oxford Mail:  West Way deadline ends

22nd June, Oxford Mail Online:  Concerns remain over West Way

20th June, Oxford Mail: Campaigners hire lawyers to look into West Way project over concerns council is too close to developer

5th June, Oxford Mail: Report advocates clearing the path for building of West Way

3rd June, OxfordMail: West Way plan impact assessment submitted


24th June, Oxford Mail:  A strong conflict of interest for residents

9th June, Oxford Mail: Unpopular proposals

6th June, Oxford Mail: Group have only given part of the story here

May 2014:

Articles / Interviews: 

31st May, Oxford Mail: Eco statement on West Way imminent

28th May, Oxford Mail: Web petition launched for West Way support

17th May, Oxford Mail: Developer signs 100m West Way blueprint

13th May, Oxford Mail: Doric plans spark call for more local power

8th May, Oxford Mail: Waitrose gets approval to open its new Botley store 

1st May, Oxford Mail: West Wayextension


23rd May, Oxford Mail:  Yawning gap between Botley’s needs and Doric’s shops centre scheme

16th May, Oxford Mail: Botley plans will be white elephant

12th May, Oxford Mail: Council should have listened to what people originally wanted


April 2014:

Articles / Interviews:

14th April, Oxford Mail: Doric set to submit its environmental papers

2nd April, Oxford Mail, front page: A massive no to West Way development plans


March 2014:

Articles / Interviews:

27th March, Oxford Mail: Parish councillors dismiss poor plans for West Way

18th March, Oxford Mail: Family adamant they won’t part with Elms Parade shops

5th March, Oxford Mail:  Should the 100m West Way shops redevelopment be given approval

1st March, Oxford Mail: West Way Shopping centre revamp would mean traffic hell


26th March, Oxford Mail: Doric project is out of character with setting

24th March, Oxford Mail: West Way development is more suited to the centre of large city

21st March, Oxford Mail:  Doric doesn’t care for needs of the elderly 

20th March, Oxford Mail: Have Doric’s West Way plans already reached their sell by date?

18th March, Oxford Mail: West Way will look like so many other nondescript centres in city

14th March, Oxford Mail: Planning approval does not bode well for Doric

13th March, Oxford Times:  Vast access problems

11th March, Oxford Mail: Strength of opposition evident for all to see

11th March, Oxford Mail:  We are waiting to hear Vale’s reasoning for this

11th March, Oxford Mail:  Simple sums show that planning application just does not add up

10th March, Oxford Mail:  Headington has lost independent character

10th March, Oxford Mail: There already is a conflict of interest here

10th March, Oxford Mail: A letter from the future warning of Botley plans

10th March, Oxford Mail: Public must be assured punitive measures are being considered

9th March, Oxford Mail: Councillors will not be forgotten by us voters

7th March, Oxford Mail: Plans are detrimental to Botley community

7th March, Oxford Mail: This huge development belongs out of town

6th March, Oxford Mail: Small businesses will not be able to thrive

6th March, Oxford Mail:  Approach has a lot in common with land grabs

6th March, Oxford Mail: Some people in Botley are looking forward to West Way development

5th March, Oxford Mail: The Last Word Goes To

3rd March, Oxford Mail: Fed up with the undemocratic way in which West Way has been handled

February 2014:

Articles / Interviews:

24th February, Oxford Mail: Elms Shopping parade has historic value says heritage expert

4th February, Oxford Mail: Battle lines drawn as 100m West Way plans finally revealed


25th February, Oxford Mail: A lot of unanswered questions over scheme

11th February, Oxford Mail: Botley shops just need a clean up and a paint

7th February, Oxford Mail: We cherish the local environment of Botley and don’t need changes

January 2014:

Articles / Interviews:

25th January, Oxford Mail: Rector fears Botley church could be swallowed up by Doric plan
and comment: Praying worshippers get all the facts they need

23rd January, Oxford Mail: Wider view

9th January: BBC Radio Oxford: Interview with Doric’s Simon Hillcox, WWCC’s Chris Church and Councillor Eric Batts. Listen again on BBC iPlayer – listen from 3hrs 12 for Doric, 3hrs 21mins for Chris and Eric.


29th January, Oxford Mail: Nobody seems to be listening to what the residents of Botley want

27th January, Oxford Mail: Push for development that Botley residents want

22nd January, Oxford Mail: We need food shops for the nextg major incident 

21st January, Oxford Mail: Planning for the past

21st January, Oxford Mail: Don’t get too excited about library promise

21st January, Oxford Mail: Welcome addition

20th January, Oxford Mail: Botley doesn’t need West Way mega plans

17th January, Oxford Mail: Is Doric just interested in West Way money?

15th January, Oxford Times: Damaging congestion

15th January, Oxford Mail: Insult to Botley

15th January, Oxford Mail: Absurd claim

15th January, Oxford Mail: New centre essential

13th  January, Oxford Mail: Is the price people will have to pay for Botley scheme too high?

10th January, Oxford Mail: The West Way saga has been a complete scandal

9th January, Oxford Times: Is bigger better?

9th January, Oxford Times: Rocking the boat

9th January, Oxford Mail: The so called consultation in our area has been a complete farce

December 2013:


21st December, Oxford Mail: Critics still not satisfied as new plans for Botley go in

19th December, Oxford Mail: West Way plans go in

18th December, Oxford Mail: City brands West Way plan too large and unjustified

18th December, Oxford Mail: Comment: Vale should look seriously at city’s views on West Way

12th December, Oxford Mail: West Way petition is 2000 strong


20th  December, Oxford Mail: This should be about need not competition

20th December, Oxford Mail: Development is too large and unjustified

18th December, Oxford Mail: Do we really need all these new shopping centres in the 21st century?

16th December, Oxford Mail: If our Council is not setting the planning agenda, then who is?

16th December, Oxford Mail: We want assurances they will not be evicted

4th December, Oxford Mail: This is a plan to push up local cost of living

4th December, Oxford Mail: How much detail is there over the infrastructure?

3rd December, Oxford Mail: Local character of area may be lost altogether

2nd December, Oxford Mail: Common sense needs to prevail as residents should have the final say

2nd December, Oxford Times: Statistical trick

2nd December, Oxford Times: Keep small shops

November 2013:


29th November: Oxford Mail: Campaigners fighting shopping centre redevelopment set up shop

Coverage of the human chain around Elms Parade and West Way, 23rd November:

Oxford Mail, Mon 25th Nov: Neighbours link up in battle to stop Botley development

Oxford Mail Editorial, Mon 25th Nov: Show of anger developer cannot ignore

BBC news online, 23rd November: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-25065914

Coverage of Public Meeting 18th November:

BBC Oxford News featured Monday’s 300+ people community meeting – and the overwhelming local hostility to Doric properties’ plans – on Tuesday evening’s show.
See it via iPlayer (from 6.07 on the clock)

20th November: Oxford Mail: Botley West Way plans the “nuclear option” protest meeting told

Articles earlier in November:

18th November: Oxford Mail: £2,500 war chest to fight West Way plans

12th November: Oxford Mail: Madrid, Fulham… Botley

4th November: Jack FM (no longer available online)

1st November: Oxford Mail: West Way plans change to allay local concerns


29th November: Oxford Mail: I don’t know how new shops will reduce traffic

28th November: Oxford Mail: Spare a thought for the residents of Field House affected by plans

26th November: Oxford Mail: Don’t trust developers who can’t do their maths over new scheme

25th November: Oxford Mail: We moved to Botley because of its local flavour and eclectic mix

22nd November: Oxford Mail: Plans for Botley have not changed at all

20th November: Oxford Mail: Most people are happy with the range of shops

18th November: Oxford Mail: Scheme is a blot on the Botley landscape

15th November: Oxford Mail: Wrong plans, wrong place for development

14th November: Oxford Mail: I will not use a large supermarket as I prefer the smaller local shops

1st November: Oxford Mail: Whole process has been undemocrati

October 2013:


31st October: BBC Radio Oxford

24th October: Oxford Mail: £100m Botley development plan to be scrutinised more closely

24th October: BBC news online

23rd October: Oxford Mail: Residents fight to halt £100m West Way project

23rd October: BBC news online

10th October: Time to ditch “monster” West Way Development


30th October: Oxford Mail, letter in favour of plans: “Work with Doric for future good of us all or your voice will be lost”

28th October: Westway centre has no wish to become another Bicester village

21st October: West Way plans will be detrimental to residents

17th October: Oxford Times: Closure is a concern (paper version only)

15th October: West Way proposal not designed to serve the needs of community

14th October: Too many students to accommodate in area

11th October: Scheme has little to do with any design merit

10th October: Majority of local people are worried about plans

7th October: Nightmare vision

7th October: Benign Botley image

7th October: Botley concerns

3rd October: Residents know what Botley needs



30th September: It’s a blinkered view carrying no weight

30th September: Support cycle access

24th September: Shopping centre proposals are on too great a scales for this site

24th September: New scheme will harm residents’ quality of life


20th September: Huge scale of Botley development revealed

19th September: Developer ignoring fears over shop complex revamp

Previous coverage:

5th August, Oxford Mail Letters page: Letter from Janet Godden, County Councillor

11th July, Oxford Mail: Holidays delay grand plans for Botley

June edition of Cumnor Parish News: Article on Public Meeting reproduced with the permission of
Cumnor Parish Newswee

30th May, Oxford Times: coverage of our meeting: The fight for Botley’s heart

23 rd May 2013, Oxford Mail:Coverage of our meeting: Botley residents bid to save shops

20th May 2013, Oxford Mail: Co-op urged to come clean over shops plans

16th May 2013, Oxford Mail: New Cinema and John Lewis planned for Westgate

w/c 29th April: BBC Radio Oxford featured Botley in their Big Tour all this week. If you missed the piece on West Way on Monday morning you can Listen Again Here.

27th March 2013, Oxford Mail: Bewildered over plans

20th March 2013, Oxford Mail: Breakthrough at Seacourt Redevelopment in Botley

8th March 2013, Oxford Mail: Botley pensioners fear for future of their homes

5th March 2013, Oxford Mail: Residents split over revamp of shopping centre

2nd March 2013, Oxford Mail: Botley Shopping plans divide opinion

1st March 2013, Oxford Mail: Hundreds flock to view West Way Shopping plans

For earlier articles see the Botley News & Issues page on the Botley & North Hinksey Community website.