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WWCC comment on planning application P17/V1507/FUL, temporary change of use of Elms Court and Grant Thornton building, demolition of Seacourt Hall and part of Grant Thornton building.

Monitoring the development conditions

We will be working with the Vale development enforcement officers to ensure that all the conditions placed on the developers are complied with. If you become aware of any activity which is against the planning conditions, then you can raise your concerns via the Vale’s website or by email to planning.enforcement@southandvale.gov.uk, or contact the Development Management (Enforcement) team on 01235 422600 or 07717 779171. Planning reference is P16/V0246/FUL. Vale’s planning web-site is here.

Documents detailing the conditions, and the Section 106 payments can be found here.

Notes from our meeting with the Vale officer on 17th November are here.

Writing to councillors

Names and contact details for the planning committee members for the 15th June, including substitutes.

link to Vale’s web site

We suggest that any emails you send to members of the committee, you also cc to Nicola.Meurer@southandvale.gov.uk and ask her to please provide the info in your email to any eventual substitutes.

West Way Community Concern’s reports to Councillors, June 2016

‘Why is there opposition to Mace’s proposed West Way development?’

Visual impact of proposed West Way Centre, Botley

History of the West Way redevelopment plans – is it really Hobson’s choice?

Why the proposed West Way re-development is not a sustainable development

West Way Community Concern’s comments on amended plans, May 2016, are here.

Updated commentary on traffic and parking.

WWCC’s submitted comment on Mace’s planning application, April 2016:

Main document; Annex 1 – appraisal of design issues; Appendix 1 to annex 1 – By Design extract; Appendix 2 to annex 1 – open space widthsWWCC Annex 2 – Commentary on traffic and parking; Annex 3 – Commentary on retail assessment; Annex 4 – Commentary on floor areas in Application Form and D and A statement

Mace’s plans

For a summary of the changes made in Mace’s amended plans see Mace’s covering letter here

If you haven’t already commented, see guides and below, and a simple letter here. If you have already commented, and don’t consider the changes to be sufficient, a suggested simple letter is here.

Summary of key points of objection to Mace’s plans – document prepared for Nicola Blackwood MP, 5 May 2016

WWCC guides

If you would like to see changes to the plans then you should submit an objection – you don’t have to object to the whole plan, you can just object to part of it and ask for changes – but you need to state the planning grounds for your objection. These four documents may help you prepare your comments:

Guide to commenting; key points of objection and relevant policies; simple letter; Summary document of relevant policies for Botley West Way Centre

WWCC met with Mace, Make and SP Broadway on 11th April, to ask some detailed questions about the plans. The written answers provided after the meeting are here, and some further notes from the meeting are here.

See below for links to Vale’s Planning Policy Documents and guides and reports produced by WWCC

Vale’s planning policy documents

Vale’s web site; links to documents specific to Botley

Local Plan 2031 Part 2, Detailed policies and Additional Sites ; Appendices

Presentations from public meeting 7th march 2016

Scene setting  Are the plans right for Botley?  How to comment

Vale’s Botley Centre Supplementary Planning Document

Links to Final version of Supplementary Planning DocumentAdoption statement

More information, and links to all the supporting documents, including the Sustainability Appraisal and a marked up copy showing the changes are available on their website here.

(Downloaded documents are available here: Amended SPD, Marked up copy, Sustainability Appraisal, Questionnaire.)

Documents from first consultation are at the links below:

Botley Centre Draft Supplementary Planning Document

Sustainability Appraisal Report

SPD Response form (Downloaded version) – you can also fill this in on-line via the Vale’s SPD website

Links to Vale SPD website and SPD response form

Vale District Council update on Supplementary Planning Document, 1st July

Vale Planning Documents

Vale Draft Local Plan 2031Timetable for Examination in Public – Stage 2, February 2015

Timetable for Stage 2 hearings; Stage 2 Matters and Questions

West Way Community Concern will be attending the sessions on 4th February and 17th February

from Councillor Matthew Barber October 2015 Newsletter

‘Local Plan – Examination in Public – Stage 2
The first part of the Examination in Public of the Vale’s Local Plan concluded at the end of September. In a short letter thanking the participants, the Inspector has announced that he is now ready to move on to the second part of the Examination. This will look in detail at individual sites. No date has yet been set for it, there will be more news on the Vale’s website as soon as a date has been given, although it is expected to be in the New Year.’

Letter from Inspector following Stage 1 Examination in Public

Vale of White Horse District Council Draft Local Plan 2031 – Part 1

West Way Community Concern response to Draft Local Plan 2031

Vale Local Plan 2011

Vale of White Horse District Council Existing Local Plan 2011   The Vale’s web site containing all the documents relating to the Local Plan

Documents relevant to Botley:

Chapter 3 – Local Plan Strategy

Chapter 8 – Housing , see policy H10 (page 138) and policy H18 (page 150)

Chapter 10 – Leisure

Chapter 11 – Economy

Chapter 12 – Shopping , see policy S1 (page 254) and policy S12 (page 267)

Chapter 13 – Tourism

Proposals Map – defines the area of Botley Local Centre

Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document See section 8 – Mixed-use centres

National Planning Policy Framework

Vale of White Horse documents: Local Plan document reference table

WWCC Reports

Development Survey report  June 2015, or the shorter presentation slides.

Vision for Botley – This vision is about what we want to see in Botley in the future. It’s not about what will be built – it’s about HOW we would like it to be and to work.

What Botley Wants! – report of our workshops, January 2015

Botley Character Assessment prepared using the Oxford Character Assessment Toolkit, approved by English Heritage

Elms Parade Heritage Statement prepared by Dr. Kathryn Davies, D.Phil, MA (Conservation Studies), BA Hons, Dip TP, MRTPI, IHBC

Other documents

Information released under Freedom of Information – 5th May 2015 – click here

Planning Officer’s report – December 2014

The Planning Officer’s report was posted on the Vale web-site ahead of the December 3rd planning committee meeting and recommending approval. We have also posted the main part of the report on this website.  The full report and appendices can be found on the Vale website here but don’t try to download the full reports pack, the documents are contained in separate files, further down the page under item 7.

Summary reports for the Council – November 2014

Our first report focuses on why there has been so much opposition, what local people are concerned about, and what is needed. This report has been sent to Councillors and is available below. Our second report is in progress and will be sent to Councillors in the coming days. That report shows how the planning arguments do not stack up and why the application should be refused.

Report 1: West Way redevelopment: a matter for concern

Report 2: West Way redevelopment – a sustainable development?

Report 3: Character and Visual Impact of West Way Proposal

WWCC’s objections:

WWCC have submitted objections at all stages of the plans. We have made these available below. The current consultation closes on Nov 20th and we will post our final objection here once submitted.

20th November, 2014: Click to read WWCC’s final objection submitted on the amendments to the revised plan on 20th November.

13th October 2014: Click to read WWCC’s additional objection comments on the revised plans submitted on 13th October. Also our further comments on  transport.

June 2014: WWCC comments on the Environmental Impact Assessment:

PDF of WWCC full EIA Comments (file size: 2 MB)

Presentation slides from 21st June public meeting

See below for sections of our EIA comments along with a summary of the chapters.

Also read thestatement from the Church (Church of St Peter and St Paul,North Hinksey & Botley)

March 2014: West Way Community Concern’s objection to the West Way application and supporting documents:

Who else  has objected?

Among the over 900 objections to the application is one from our MP, local parish councils, Oxford City council, and key representative organisations such as the Highways Agency. You can access and read these objections here:

More details on our Experts’ comments page.


We now have template letters for objecting that you can download and edit for your objection letter, or use text for the online objection form.

Reports & Commentaries:

We have prepared these resources to help you form your comments on the redevelopment proposals and to submit objections:

Template for objecting – see above.

Presentations from Public Meeting, 27th February 2014

Beyond Retail: Redefining the shape and purpose of town centres

You may have heard news coverage in November 2013 of a recnet report: Beyond Retail, which sets out a vision for the development of town and city centres.   Here are some reflections on that report and it’s relevance for Botley and proposed West Way development:

A  review note prepared by Dr Alan Reeve, Reader in Planning and Urban Design, Oxford Brookes University  a in relation to the report and its implications for the Doric proposals for the West Way redevelopment.

A letter by local residents Neil & Ruth Cameron,to the Oxford Mail, drawing on the report.