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Page updated 24 Jan 2017

Monitoring the development conditions

We will be working with the Vale development enforcement officers to ensure that all the conditions placed on the developers are complied with. If you become aware of any activity which is against the planning conditions, then you can raise your concerns via the Vale’s website or by email to planning.enforcement@southandvale.gov.uk, or contact the Development Management (Enforcement) team on 01235 422600 or 07717 779171. Planning reference is P16/V0246/FUL. Vale’s planning web-site is here.

Questions and answers from Mace are here.

Notes from our meeting with the Vale officer on 17th November are here.

Question and answers from the planning officers (November 2016)

The following documents detail the conditions, and the Section 106 payments.

Vale’s decision notice

Planning conditions

Conditions by timetable

Section 106 payments

Link to the Planning Decision web page (containing all the S106 agreements)