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Planning policy documents

Page updated 10th March 2017

See links on this page for the Vale’s planning policy documents

Click here for a document which provides links to the relevant policies for Botley West Way Centre.

Vale Draft Local Plan 2031

Local Plan 2031 Part 2, Detailed policies and Additional Sites ; Appendices

Vale Local Plan 2011

Vale of White Horse District Council Existing Local Plan 2011   The Vale’s web site containing all the documents relating to the Local Plan

Documents relevant to Botley:

Chapter 3 – Local Plan Strategy

Chapter 5 – Transport

Chapter 8 – Housing , see policy H10 (page 138) and policy H18 (page 150)

Chapter 10 – Leisure

Chapter 11 – Economy

Chapter 12 – Shopping , see policy S1 (page 254) and policy S12 (page 267)

Chapter 13 – Tourism

Proposals Map – defines the area of Botley Local Centre

Vale of White Horse documents: Local Plan document reference table

Vale’s Botley Centre Supplementary Planning Document

Links to Final version of Supplementary Planning DocumentAdoption statement

More information on the Vale’s web page.

Vale’s Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document

Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document See section 5 – Building Design and section 8 – Mixed-use centres

More information on the Vale’s web page

Botley Character Assessment

Botley Character Assessment prepared by West Way Community Concern using the Oxford Character Assessment Toolkit, approved by English Heritage

National Planning Policy

National Planning Policy Framework