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Page updated 11th Oct 2016

WWCC Annual General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting of West Way Community Concern will be held on 8th November 2016 in the Church Hall of St Peter and St Paul’s Church, West Way, Botley, at 7:30pm


1.            Apologies for absence

2.            Minutes of the AGM on 30th November 2015

3.            Election of committee members

We have vacancies for up to four committee members. Anyone wishing to stand for committee should contact westwayconcern@gmail.com

4.            Annual report of activities undertaken from 1st August 2015 to 31st July 2016

5.            Accounts to 31st July 2016

6.            Any other business

Next Steps for WWCC

On 15th June, the Vale’s Planning Committee voted by 8 to 3 to grant planning permission to Mace’s plans, with some conditions.

In our recent survey we asked about the future role for WWCC. The majority of respondents favoured WWCC’s role now to be “ongoing dialogue with Mace” (61.5%) or “monitor the planning process until the development is built” (63.8%).

With over 60% opting for ongoing dialogue and monitoring progress, the committee felt that this gave WWCC a clear mandate to do those two things and to move forward on that basis. Our next steps include re-establishing contact with Mace to enquire about their plans for consultation and community involvement from now on.

89 people (41.8%) responded that they would like to pursue legal action. While WWCC does not have a mandate from the survey to pursue legal action we have agreed to take advice on the case for legal action, costs and possible outcomes, and to make this advice and background information available to any individual or group who wishes to pursue this course. If you wish to do this please email us at westwayconcern@gmail.com

West Way Community Concern’s reports are available on our resources page

Affordable housing?

We understand from the Planning Officer that Mace are not proposing any ‘affordable’ housing but instead are proposing that 10% of the flats would be ‘starter homes’ sold at 80% of market value. These ‘starter homes’ would be one bedroom flats. We don’t believe that people in average jobs, or key workers, would be able to afford these prices. If you support the need for affordable housing please include this in your comments, urge the Planning officer to require real affordable housing in the development. You may also want to write to the Vale Councillors about this issue.

Planning reference is P16/V0246/FUL. Vale’s web-site here.

Read our West Way Blog

The West Way Blog is a platform for individuals to share their personal views, concerns and suggestions on the future of Botley’s development. Hosted by WWCC, none of the views expressed are the official view or judgement of the WWCC Committee unless explicitly stated. We welcome a wide range of views and comments, for details and if you want to submit a blog post our Blog Policy Document.

See our recent newsletters here

A Vision for Botley and West Way

This vision is about what we want to see in Botley in the future. It’s not about what will be built – it’s about HOW we would like it to be and to work.Our vision for Botley is:

We will want to see the new local centre as:

A good place to meet

Good venues and spaces offer inspiration, entertainment, learning, work, play and community activities for all.

 A good place to do business

An easily accessible location with a full range of local services makes Botley the place for smart businesses looking to work with Oxfordshire’s knowledge-based economy, and an attractive alternative to central Oxford.

A good place to shop and eat

Botley offers diverse shopping from the basic to the unique, and includes cafes, restaurants and a market.

A good place to live, grow up and grow old

Along with a good mix of community facilities Botley has homes for people at all stages of their lives and that they can afford.

A safe and attractive place

The centre of Botley is a place where you would be happy to be at any time of day or night. The design is in keeping with local character.

Read more here.

Please share this with your friends.  It may seem optimistic, but we should be aiming to get what we want!