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Page updated 20th May 2016

Shop opening hours for May

Latest  – Mace’s amended plans are now available on the Vale’s website, and are available for viewing in the WWCC shop on Elms Parade, together with the new scale model.

A further 3 week consultation is open until 2nd June.    June 15th is the target date for the Planning Committee Meeting.

See our new visual model showing changes in the amended plans – new physical scale model is now in the shop.

See Mace’s covering letter for summary of changes made. A summary of main changes is here.

Planning reference is P16/V0246/FUL. Vale’s web-site here.

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Ghost Town

Botley Community Life – will it be killed off?

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On our Resources page

Main points of objection to Mace’s West Way application – summary document

Design Review report now available here.

THANK YOU to all who submitted your comments on Mace’s planning application to the Vale. At the last count there were 406 comments on the application! After a 3-year process this is a fantastic result, showing that our community is still very engaged in trying to get the best development for Botley.

If you meant to comment but didn’t quite get around to it before the deadline, we encourage you to still submit your comments now. The planning officer will consider all comments submitted up until he submits his report and at the planning committee meeting he will provide an update on the number of comments received.

Come and see the 3D model of the development – at 5 Elms Parade


You can find WWCC’s submitted comment on our resources page.

Planning reference is P16/V0246/FUL. Vale’s web-site here.

Guides to commenting and expert comments

See commentary from experts on traffic and parking, retail assessment, wind effects, landscape and visual, and errors in Mace’s planning application on our resources page and for inspiration read the West Way Blog.

If you would like to see changes to the plans then you should submit an objection – you don’t have to object to the whole plan, you can just object to part of it and ask for changes – but you need to state the planning grounds for your objection.

These four documents may help you prepare your comments:

Planning policy documents are here and a document containing links to relevant sections is here. The guide is found on our resource page which also includes links to the other relevant policy documents.

Fight the Height: Public Event Saturday 9th April

Thanks you to all who came to our event on Saturday. See the Oxford Mail coverage here  or visit our Gallery

Read our West Way Blog  – current articles are:

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More to come soon ….


Read our new West Way Blog

The West Way Blog is a platform for individuals to share their personal views, concerns and suggestions on the future of Botley’s development. Hosted by WWCC, none of the views expressed are the official view or judgement of the WWCC Committee unless explicitly stated. We welcome a wide range of views and comments, for details and if you want to submit a blog post our Blog Policy Document.


WWCC Public Meeting 
7th March, 7:30pm, St. Peter & St. Paul Church, West Way, Botley

Thank you to all those who attended the meeting last evening. It was standing room only, again. Presentations are available on our resources page for those who weren’t able to attend.

Comments on the Mace Exhibition in December 2015.

See here for West Way Community Concern’s WWCC’s report on the comments which we received following Mace’s public exhibition, in December.  Mace have completed their own feedback report, which can be found in their ‘Statement of Community Involvement’ which you can view in our shop on Elms Parade.

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Vale’s Supplementary Planning Document

The Cabinet agreed to adopt the Supplementary Planning Document at the meeting on Monday 18 January 2016

For information on the Vale’s Supplementary Planning Document, click here

The West Way Development Survey – report of results June 2015

The survey was conducted by West Way Community Concern (WWCC) from 17th April to 25th May 2015. It updates and adds to the evidence base from previous surveys of local residents regarding potential development of Botley’s local shopping centre, including Vale of White Horse District Council public consultation in 2012 (210 responses), Doric Properties’ first public exhibition Feb-Mar 2013 (616 responses), and WWCC’s first survey Apr-May 2013 (727 responses). This latest survey received 1400 responses.

The report can be downloaded here and results will be presented at a Public Meeting at St Peter and St Paul Church at 7pm on Monday 22nd June, all welcome. Agenda will be posted here shortly.

A Vision for Botley and West Way

This vision is about what we want to see in Botley in the future. It’s not about what will be built – it’s about HOW we would like it to be and to work.

Our vision for Botley is:

We will want to see the new local centre as:

A good place to meet

Good venues and spaces offer inspiration, entertainment, learning, work, play and community activities for all.

 A good place to do business

An easily accessible location with a full range of local services makes Botley the place for smart businesses looking to work with Oxfordshire’s knowledge-based economy, and an attractive alternative to central Oxford.

A good place to shop and eat

Botley offers diverse shopping from the basic to the unique, and includes cafes, restaurants and a market.

A good place to live, grow up and grow old

Along with a good mix of community facilities Botley has homes for people at all stages of their lives and that they can afford.

A safe and attractive place

The centre of Botley is a place where you would be happy to be at any time of day or night. The design is in keeping with local character.

Read more here.

Please share this with your friends.  It may seem optimistic, but we should be aiming to get what we want!


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